Thursday, March 20, 2014

Maintenance Mode!

Friends, I have achieved (well, almost) the much-sought-after place we call Maintenance Mode.

What does that mean?

It means that I have some decluttering to do. I have some things to organize whose place in my house escapes me (board games. Books that don't fit on the shelf. Movies that don't fit on the shelf. MY GOOD CHINA!!!!) I have some (okay, quite an awful lot of) laundry to put away (remember the OCD and the clean floors?). But my house is basically clean. I could dust and clean windows and all that, sure, but I am ready for company, parents, and the often-knocking local missionaries from the churches to which I am not converting (but that's another story). I am not embarrassed to invite my kid's friend's parents for a cup of tea. Heck, I would even be okay with a social worker swinging by unannounced. That feels Pretty Darn Good.

So, now I am back to my system. Or I am re-starting my system. Or SOMETHING.

Anyway, it is TIME to test out the Keeping House With Kate theories - small tasks here and there and a room a day will keep me company-ready even through those LOVELY flares (which are really when I need to be company-ready, because that's when people are likely to show up to help me out!)

I am armed with my daily task list and the evolving room-a-day schedule. Since it's a Friday, I am going to pretend that's what day the week starts on. So there, calendars of the world.

So here's my daily task list:

  • laundry 
  • floors (AM and PM, because OCD and shed-beasts)
  • walk dogs (AM and PM, on good days. Once is okay too!)
  • make bed
  • bathroom (wipe stuff down, and put stuff away)
  • dinner plan
  • declutter for a bit (the places where clutter gathers, hot spots)
  • dishes 
  • brush dogs (ideally BEFORE the evening vacuuming!!)
  • Daily to-do list (room-a-day)
  • challenge work (like, for the organization challeges)
The exciting thing is that I am getting a new fridge and a dishwasher on Saturday. The dishwasher should be installed early next week. I am so stoked about that. I don't remember the last time I had a dishwasher in my home!!

So that's where I am. Your mileage may vary. My daily tasks, obviously, include my OCD floor ritual and the furry shed-beast dogs that live here. They do not, anymore, include picking up after babies or toddlers. My son is now old enough that, with some *cough* GUIDANCE, he can keep his own room clean. I just have to vacuum it (and stand over him telling him what to put away and where he didn't clean -- under the desk!)

What does your daily task list look like? Show and tell!!